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As another extraordinary year for Boston’s industry scene wanes, I come not only to praise the worthy individuals, dishes, trends, and venues, but also to highlight the lowlights: the frauds and the hucksters, the follies and fiascoes.

Inspired by Ambrose Bierce and the bygone Esquire Dubious Achievement Awards, I present for the third year running my personal take on the awe-inspiring and the awful in Boston’s dining and drinking scene: the 2011 Devil's Dining Awards!

(Full disclosure: one is a very short story, but I’m including it because it was extraordinary.) I think part of the reason I read more this year is because I finally broke down and got a Kindle — when I was packing for my trip to Central America last spring, the large stack of books next to my carry-on bag was laughable.

But back to how the Kindle helped me plow through more books this year — since it’s so small, I brought it everywhere and simply read more often. In checking out the pros and cons of e-readers, it appears the consensus is you read faster on a Kindle but retain more when reading an actual book. (Most of these books were not actually released this year.) I’ll pause here to single out my top four favorites: Big Little Lies (Laine Moriarty) - 3.5 stars I was initially tempted to write this off as chick lit fluff, but Big Little Lies is more clever than that.

It starts with a murder at an elementary school fundraiser -- but we don't know who died, or who killed the victim.

The Golf Digest Fantasy Fix podcast covers the players you need to employ this week in Monterey. 1 Tee AM -- Scott Piercy and Matthew Cain, Jerry Kelly and Aaron Rodgers AM -- Will Mac Kenzie and Brian Thompson, Justin Rose and Justin Timberlake AM -- Steve Stricker and Toby Keith, Chris Kirk and Colt Ford AM -- Bryson De Chambeau and Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Streelman and Larry Fitzgerald AM -- Rob Oppenheim and Bill Perocchi, Ricky Barnes and Bill Belichick AM -- D. 1 Tee AM -- Derek Fathauer and Keizo Hirose, Sung Kang and Jay Davisson AM -- Tyler Aldridge and Brett White, Zac Blair and Julie Frist AM -- J. Poston and Brian Utley, Sebastian Munoz and Joe O' Neil AM -- Dominic Bozzelli and Ken Lowe, Grayson Murray and Panos Panay AM -- Rick Lamb and Gary Briggs, Seung-Yul Noh and Lawrence Baer AM -- Nick Taylor and Matthew Sidman, Jim Herman and Stephen Mack AM -- Seamus Power and James Farrell, Mark Anderson and David Beam AM -- Hiroshi Iwata and Thomas J.

Campbell, Bobby Wyatt and Steve Moore AM -- Henrik Norlander and Geoff Couch, Ryan Palmer and Jerry Yang AM -- Matt Every and Patrick Hamill, Steve Marino and Greg Buonocore AM -- Jonathan Randolph and Jay Ireland, Zack Sucher and Dave Calhoun AM -- Steven Alker and Stephen S.

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